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Last revised November 2, 2020

Neighbourhood Development Plans.

see BCC website list of current ND plans and ND forums here

Old Market Quarter Neighbourhood Plan Referendum: The referendum supported the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) with 80% of the 10% of the population who voted in favour of the plan, and the plan has now been ‘made’ at Full Council. The NDP now has same legal status as the Bristol Local Plan, and will appear on the Council’s main planning policy document website as part of the Development Plan for Bristol.

Ambition Lawrence Weston  Neighbourhood Development Plan  The plan is now ‘made’ as policy and is available on BCC website. More information is available on the Ambition LW website. 

Lockleaze Neighbourhood Development Plan. This plan has not been made so it is not policy but has been consulted on within the community. It builds on the Lockleaze Vision document. Lockleaze Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014

Hengrove and Whitchurch Park Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Hengrove Park plan has passed at referendum has been made.

Redcliffe Neighbourhood Development Plan. The local community group Redcliffe Residents Action Group RRAG has been designated the Neighbourhood Development Forum to take the Redcliffe Plan forward.

See also Neighbourhood Development Plan page which has a link to the Neighbourhood Plans which are being produced in Bristol by Neighbourhood Planning Forums comprising local community members.

Pre Application Community Involvement

Information about the Pre Planning Application Community Involvement process ‘Pre App CI’ .

Permitted development

Change of use for current permitted development rights relaxations.

St Pauls and Ashley

Compendium of St Pauls and Ashley information November 2020