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Last revised February 22, 2019

Development in the North Fringe of Bristol is focused at two key areas.

At Patchway/ Cribbs Causeway land is allocated for 2,400 dwellings/14ha of employment land at Charlton Hayes.

Further strategic provision is also made for new neighbourhoods of up to  5,700 homes, around 50 ha. of employment uses, local services and facilities on land bounded by the Hallen railway line, the M5 motorway, the existing residential community of Patchway, the emerging community of Charlton Hayes and the A38.

The second key area is West of the M32/ East of Harry Stoke where, in the first five years of the plan, a major element of the 2,600 dwellings planned to be delivered at three key sites Wallscourt Farm, Harry Stoke and land East of Coldharbour Lane will be completed.

Provision will also be made for a major mixed use development of 2,000 dwellings with associated infrastructure on land east of Harry Stoke, extending south from Winterbourne Road to the A4174 Avon Ring Road.


South Gloucestershire Core Strategy:see S Glos website pages