See Bristol Central Area Plan for full policies covering development in the area here

Bristol city-wide map showing sites with policies mapped here

Extract showing St Paul’s area with development sites identified in orange below Policies map of St Pauls area

Bristol Central Area Plan Policies here

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Sites identified in 2015 are as follows: (note some are already planning applications or approved)

  • SA501 Lakota Nightclub / Former Coroner’s Court, Upper York Street / Backfields
  • SA502 Land at Dean Street / Bishop Street (former Kango site)
  • SA503 Land at Surrey Street / Portland Square (Sandhu’s Warehouse)
  • SA504 Car Park On South East Side Of Wilder Street
  • SA505 The Carriage Works & Westmoreland House
  • SA506 97-101 Stokes Croft
  • SA507 27-33 Jamaica Street
  • SA508 35, 37, 41 Stokes Croft
  • SA509 Land at Wilder Street / Argyle Road
  • SA510 Land at Dove Lane / Ervine Terrace / Wilson Place / Cheapside
  • SA511 F C Hammonds, 13-17 Dove Lane
  • SA512 109 – 119 Newfoundland Road
  • SA513 Former Macey Rewinds site, Franklyn Street

Most are noted as suitable for residential, some also for workplace/ office and some for possible addnl uses

An additional site has been identified in the recent Local Plan Review which is referenced as

  • BDA 0105 rear of 64-66 Stokes Croft – used for residential or residential + workspace.

Briefing notes say:

Development should:

  • Provide a contextual, heritage-led approach, taking account of the Stokes Croft Conservation Area and respecting the setting of the Grade II Listed Building at 62 Stokes Croft;
  • Provide suitable access which takes account of servicing needs for properties fronting Stokes Croft;
  • Be informed by a land contamination risk assessment and a Coal Mining Risk Assessment, making recommendations for remedial measures where required, as the site falls within a Coal Authority High Risk Area;
  • Ensure that development would not cause harm to trees on adjacent land; and
  • Respond to Draft Policy HW2 ‘Air Quality’, as the site falls within an Air Quality Management Area.
  • Estimated capacity of 8-10 homes.

Portland and Brunwick Square Conservation Area Character Appraisal.

this 2008 document is used to assess proposals within the Conservation Area. read here

PLANNING GUIDANCE: this is taken into account when planning applications are considered

A masterplan for development in St Pauls was brought forward with local consultation and adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document SPD 10 in 2006

See alternatively SPD by chapters here

COGNITIVE PATHS has brought forward some proposed updates to this plan here in consultation with local organisations  and helped by UWE student input.

St Paul’s Neighbourhood Plan (note this has no planning ‘weight’ but can be used to evidence community views in responding to planning applications)

Details of further projects in St Pauls and Ashley are being worked on by this year’s UWE students. these include Parks project, graffiti in Stokes Croft and Museum Portland Square

see here


Student accommodation topic paper 2014

Bristol Central Area Plan see BCAP4 Specialist Student Housing in Bristol City Centre p 13


Current planning Applications November 2nd