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Last revised March 15, 2019

Bristol has a large number of Conservation Areas. Under the review of the Conservation Area policy documents, Character Appraisals of each Conservation Area are being carried out. Planning groups are helping with these appraisals and a number have been completed and are available here.

CHIS, Clifton and Hotwells Improvements Society, worked on the Clifton Conservation area.

RCAS, Redland and Cotham Amenities Society, worked on the Cotham and Redland Conservation area.

The principles for Character Appraisals can be used for those areas not in Conservation Areas to draw up their own review of the Character of their area.  The completed documents can therefore be used as a template.

A new Mapping tool called Our Place has been drawn up for Bristol. It has been used by groups drawing up Community and Neighbourhood Plans and those doing Character Appraisals.

Our Place: enabling communities to characterise their neighbourhood.

You could also look at the Oxford Toolkit This was drawn up for Oxford residents to help the planning authority with their Character Appraisals and is another easy to follow guide.