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Last revised February 26, 2019

  1. Neighbourhood Plans
  2. Planning documents by communities:
  3. Character Appraisals
  4. Development Principles

Neighbourhood Plans

Groups confirmed as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF) for their area and drawing up their own Neighbourhood Development Plans using the provisions of the Localism Act 2011:

Hengrove and Whitchurch Park NPF

Two plans have been made and are now planning policy

Ambition Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Plan

Old Market Quarter Neighbourhood Plan

One area is still working on bringing forward their plan:


One area which was designated as a pilot area has not had the NDF renewed



See here for more information about doing Neighbourhood Development Plans and other plan options.

 Neighbourhood Plan as Supplementary Planning Document  

Some communities have their own Neighbourhood Plan drawn up before the Localism Act 2011 was enacted.

Some Neighbourhood Plans, like Redcliffe and St Paul’s, were drawn up with Bristol City Council and have been adopted by BCC under the 1997 Local Plan, as a SPD Supplementary Planning Document, which is a guidance document for assessing development proposals in the area.

Go to BCC website to see SPD 3 Future of Redcliffe  & SPD 10 St Paul’s

St Paul’s SPD 10 was based on their Neighbourhood Plan drawn up, before the Localism Act came into force to make it policy, in November 2006.

see St Paul’s Neighbourhood Plan


Planning documents by communities:

Some communities have drawn up planning documents which set out the communities aspirations for development in their areas. These have no official policy status but do have weight because they have been drawn up through a consultation process and represent the community view.

HCCA (Hotwells and Cliftonwood CA) Cumberland Plaza read here

WHaM (Windmill Hill and Malago RPG) masterplan for Bedminster Green read here

Brooks Laundry site, St Werburghs read here

Our Place Character Appraisal; Portland Square, Dean Street, Brigstocke Rd  read here

Preliminary planning preparation:

During May 2010, work in 8 neighbourhoods was assisted (by an agreement between the NPN and the University of the West of England (UWE)) by final year Planning and Architecture Degree students assigned to Area Plan work.

These pages show the work that some NPN planning groups have so far done towards creating their own Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Presentation of UWE student work

Area Plans

For more information on how to draw up a plan for your area, see How to do your own Plan page

Character Appraisals

Bristol has a large number of Conservation Areas. Under the review of the Conservation Area policy documents, Character Appraisals of each Conservation Area are being carried out. Planning groups are helping with these appraisals and a number have been completed and are available here on the Bristol City Council website.

  • Henleaze Character Appraisal read here
  • Sneyd Park Character Appraisal

For more information about how to do your own appraisal, see How to do a Character Appraisal page.

Development Principles

Planning groups for areas which do not have many opportunities for new development, but do need to respond to applications for development through demolition and renewal or adaptation of existing buildings, can draw up their own development principles which can be agreed with the wider community.

For more information about how to draw up your own principles, and examples see Development Principles page.