Developers are advised to contact the Network Administrator as well as the neighbourhood group listed below to ensure that they contact all the groups that may have an interest in involvement in pre application discussions about their proposed development, as some group members are Bristol wide groups who are not shown on the map, and your proposed development may also impact on nearby communities as well as on the specific neighbourhood covered by the named group.

City wide groups include Bristol Parks Forum, Bristol Tree Forum, Bristol Walking Alliance and Bristol Civic Society

Developers are advised to always use the planning group contact details below, as a generic group website contact address may not always reach the right person in good time to start pre application CI discussions.

Neighbourhood  Group name Group Contact Council Ward 
Arnos Vale Arnos Vale Residents Association debbie.laming(at)
Avonmouth Avonmouth Planning and Liaison Group 1morris.jon (at)
nanny_po (at)
Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston
 Bishopston Bishopston Society  –  Bishopston /  Redland /  Horfield
Bower Ashton  Bower Ashton Residents Association Southville
 Brislington Greater Brislington Together Andrew Knight c/o Greatbristogether(at)
Dougal Matthews c/0 comms.gbt(at)
 Brislington  E&W
 Bristol centre Bristol Civic Society




 Central, Harbourside
St Werburghs Brooks Planning Group Dan Carey
Daniellinuscarey (at)
 Bedminster / Southville / Bower Ashton / Ashton Vale BS3 planning group Michelle Day c/o
BS3PlanningGroup (at) Neil.Sellers(at)
 Bedminster /  Southville/ Windmill Hill/ Bishopsworth
 Henbury / Brentry / Southmead BS10 Parks and Planning group  mike.murch(at) alanaburrow99(at)  Henbury /  Southmead
Clifton Byron Place Residents Association  peterlewis44(at)
 Hotwells & Harbourside
 Christmas Steps Christmas Steps Arts Quarter  christmasstepsartsquarter(at)
 Barton Hill / Redfield Church Road Action Group CRAG  richardcurtis874 (at)  Easton / Lawrence Hill / St George W
 Clifton / Cliftonwood / Hotwells Clifton & Hotwells Improvements Society CHIS  lindareevesedwards(at)  christopher.jefferies(at)  Clifton
 Dings / St Phillips Dings Community Association sallycaseley(at)
Also contact Old Market CA/St Philips Marsh NPG
 Lawrence Hill
 Southville Friends of Avon New Cut FrANC Tim Wickstead wickstead(at)  Southville
 Fishponds  –  –
 Hartcliffe / Withywood / Bedminster Down / Bishopsworth / Hartcliffe & Withywood Pride of Place group c/  Harcliffe / Withywood
Hengrove/ Whitchurch Park Hengrove and Whitchurch Park NDF



Hengrove and Whitchurch Park
 Henleaze Henleaze Society helen.furber (at)
 Westbury on Trym  & Henleaze
 High Kingsdown High Kingsdown kirsty.bennett(at)
 Highbury / Kingsdown Highbury Residents’ Assocation  linda.ewles(at)
fao Judith Clark
 Horfield Horfield  –  Horfield
 Hotwells / Cliftonwood Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association
f.a.o.  Dennis Gornall
 Clifton, Hotwells and Harbourside
 Kingsdown Kingsdown Conservation Group pauline.m.allen(at)  Cotham
 Knowle  Knowle Neighbourhood Planning Group tedder.michele(at)
 Knowle West Knowle West Future
f.a.o. Ken Jones
 Filwood /Knowle
 Lawrence Weston Ambition Lawrence Weston Neighbourhood Planning Forum  mark(at) rog.sabido(at)  Lawrence  Weston
Lockleaze Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust Lockleaze
 Lockleaze Lockleaze Planning Group  Lockleaze
 BS13 / Bishopsworth / Headley Park / Highridge / Hartcliffe Manor Woods Valley Group  acoutanche(at)
 Bishopsworth/ Filwood/ Hartcliffe and Withywood/ Bedminster
 Merchants Landing, Bristol docks Merchants Landing Residents’ Association  j.demery(at)  Central
 Montpelier Montpelier Conservation Group  Ashley
 Northern Slopes, S Bristol Northern Slopes Initiative  Len.wyatt(at)  Filwood / Knowle
 Oakfield Road, Clifton Oakfield Residents Association  –  Clifton
St Jude’s / Trinity / St Matthias Park / Waterloo / New Town / Broad Plain / The Dings
Old Market Community Association Paul.bradburn(at)
 Lawrence Hill
Easton and Lawrence Hill Plan-EL Stuart Phelps  stuart.p58(at)
Karen Bibby karbibby (at)
Easton/ Lawrence Hill
 Barton Hill / Redfield /Church Road Planning Solutions / Church Road Action Group  RichardCurtis874 (at)
rbhlhpg (at)
 Easton / Lawrence Hill / St George
St Paul’s Portland and Brunswick Square Simon Barnes,chair
barnsey (at)
 Redcliffe Redcliffe Neighbourhood Planning Forum/RRAG melissa.mean(at)
rachel.varley(at) dianerowland100(at)
 Redland / Cotham Redland and Cotham Amenities Society  alison(at)
simon.birch7 (at)
Redland, Cotham, Clifton Down
Richmond Hill area, Clifton Richmond Area Residents Assoc peter.symes(at)
 Richmond Terrace, Clifton Richmond Terrace Residents Assoc rtra35 (at)
f.a.o. Wendy Pollard
 Sea Mills  Stoke Bishop, Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston
Shirehampton Shirehampton Planning Group
t.linda (at)
Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston
 Avonmouth / Kingsweston / Seamills/ Combe Dingle / Lawrence Weston Shirehampton Community Action Forum
f.a.o. Ash Bearman
 Stoke Bishop, Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston
 Sneyd Park Sneyd Park Residents Association  plansec (at)
fao Bob Worraker
fao Gerry Bird
 Stoke Bishop
 St George St George Community Network planning group nigel_williams (at)
mike19kimber (at)
 St George: Central, Troopers Hill and West
 St Paul’s / Stokes Croft St Paul’s planning group  NPN  Ashley
St Philip’s  NPN  Lawrence Hill
 St Werburgh’s St Werburgh’s Neighbourhood Association
(see Brooks above)
 Harry McPhillimy                                          harrymacp1(at)
Mo McManus
mo_mcmanus (at)
daniellinuscarey (at)
 Stoke Bishop Stoke Bishop Residents Planning Group rogergamlin(at)
Kate Hoare: mhoarec(at)
 Stoke Bishop
Totterdown TRESA Totterdown Residents Environmental and Social Action suzanne.audrey (at) simon.hobeck (at)  Windmill Hill
 Westbury Park Westbury Park Community Association patandjeff(at)
f.a.o. Jeff Bishop
 Redland / Westbury on Trym & Henleaze
 Westbury on Trym Westbury-on-Trym Society wotsoconhil (at)
fao Hilary Long
 Westbury on Trym & Henleaze
 Windmill Hill / Victoria Park WHaM Windmill Hill and Malago community planning group whamalago(at)
 Windmill Hill /  Bedminster
 West Street / South Street, Bedminster WOW (Way out West) West St/ South St Park  stef.brammar (at)       f.a.o. Stef Brammar  Bedminster