NPN privacy policy

What information do we hold on you?

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, organisations are required to clarify what information they hold on subscribers and set out how they use that information.

We hold your name, email address and the name of the NPN group you are part of, using MailChimp online service, which we use to send out enewsletters giving updates and meeting news.
See here MailChimp Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Network Administrators (Alison Bromilow and Andy King) are the only people who have access to the list.

When we are approached by developers at pre-application stage, we identify the relevant groups for the proposed development and put the developer in touch with the lead contacts of the groups, using the lead contact details supplied by each group for the NPN group list page on our website.

We do not share the data on this list with other organisations, including Bristol City Council; if they wish to publicise e.g. a consultation event through the NPN we circulate the information on their behalf. We do not forward other marketing material except for drawings and display material at pre-app stage for development schemes in your area.

We share the designated group contact email address with members of other NPN groups, where there is an opportunity for groups to work together on issues or particular developments.

There is a link to your contact information at the bottom of the page of each newsletter; click on ‘update your details’ below.