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Last revised January 28, 2020

NPN Quarterly Meetings

Regular meetings with the Planning Officers are open to all NPN members. Meetings are not open to the general public.

The agenda items are agreed between the Head of Planning and the NPN Administrator. NPN members are asked to suggest agenda items to the Administrator.

As the room capacity is limited, NPN members are asked to confirm whether they want to attend the meeting so alternative arrangements can be made if necessary.

In some cases, when a particular meeting is over subscribed, a NPN group may be asked to limit the number of representatives attending the meeting on behalf of that group.

2020 meeting dates

Tuesday 14th January 17:30–19:00

Tuesday 21st April 17:30-19:00

Tuesday 14th July 17:30-19:00

Tuesday 20th October 17:30-19:00


Members are invited to propose items for the agenda; please send your suggestions to


Topics are of general interest and specific applications will not be discussed at these meetings. Topics can include highways and transport projects as well as building development.