Neighbourhood Planning Network News    7 October 2018

October Quarterly meeting

Reminder: We have not been able to book the normal larger rooms for this meeting so, if you wished to attend this meeting, you were asked to reserve a place.

18 members have reserved places and have been sent the agenda.

If you wish to come but have not either reserved a place or received the agenda, please can you let me know?

We will endeavour to fit everyone in but preference will go to people who reserved their places. It will be really helpful if you do not turn up without indicating you are coming. Thanks.

Planning Online

A number of people are still not receiving notifications of their saved searches since the Planning online update in August.

Please can you let me know if this is still a problem for you?

Have you tried editing your search to give a start date of 15 August and no end date? Has this worked for you?