Bi Monthly Meeting

The next bi monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 19 July.

A couple of major issues have come up recently –
would they be good subjects for discussion?

  • Conversion of commercial and retail use to residential,
    particularly in city centres
  • Balance of supermarkets with independent retailers

Do you have any other suggestions?
Please let me know if so, Alison

St Werburghs traffic plan

St Werburghs traffic plan has been posted onto the NPN website (click here for details)
and the group would like to hear from you –

We would really like your comments please – how are other neighbourhoods tackling their traffic issues and are similar approaches to ours developing
across Bristol.

If you have carried out similar neighbourhood wide community led approach
we would love to hear from you.”

Contact Judy Preston

Street advertising banners

Further to the previous email about the multiple applications for lamp post banners across the city, I understand from the lead planning officer that he does not feel happy to recommend them and will be having a meeting with the applicant on Wednesday to discuss withdrawing the applications as they now stand.

He will also be looking at possible proposals to advertise the new museum on the harbourside and banners that have already been installed. We will update the NPN website when we hear more.

Bristol Civic Society Planning Applications Group

Bristol Civic Society Planning Applications Group meeting today Monday 6 June.

Click here to see document with list of applications, which they will be considering.

If you have any points you wish to raise on any of the applications,
please send an email to
Gordon Tucker gordonjtucker@googlemail.com 
and John Payne johnpayne997@btinternet.com

A new Bristol Civic Society history group

Bristol Civic Society (BCS) is intending to start up a new historical interest group, whose focus would be on the history of the built environment.

This could cover both the city centre and other parts of Bristol. It could cover all aspects of the built environment – architecture, urban form, planning, etc. And all historical periods
up to the present day.

Potential activities of the group could be: publications, heritage at risk, local listing, contributing to walks and events in the BCS programme.

Please contact Alan Morris on
alan@morrises.fastmail.fm or 07766 442495 
if you are interested

Bristol Civic Society events

Bristol Civic Society (BCS) has three events coming up-

  • The world turned upside down; about Bristol’s Civil War in 1643
    A guided walk
     lead by Chris Bloor
    on Tuesday 21 June
  • How Bristol lost its walls
    A talk
     by David Bruce
    on Thursday 23rd June
    in the Friends Meeting House, Hampton Road
  • A guided sculpture walk lead by Francis Greenacre
    on Sunday 26th June

For details of all of these events and the latest ebulletin see the BCS websitehttp://www.bristolcivicsociety.org.uk/