Neighbourhood Planning and the Localism Act

The Localism Act was passed on 15 November 2011
The government has issued a Plain English Guide to the Act

The next meeting with the planning officers on 19 January 2012 will look what we have learned so far from the Neighbourhood Plan front runner projects.
Plus hear from Jeff Bishop of the Localism Network (a network of professionals who give advice on all aspects of Localism) about this and other options people have to help guide and shape development in their area eg through Character Assessments.

Design Bristol – received from BCC

Bristol City Council is seeking to raise the quality of urban design and place-making in the city through the City Design Initiative.
As part of the initiative, we would like to invite you or your organisation to become a
member of Design Bristolwww.designbristol.ning.com.

Design Bristol is an online forum, developed by the Council’s City Design Group, for anyone involved or interested about the future design of the city’s buildings, streets, spaces and neighbourhoods.

Design Bristol is best described as an on-line noticeboard.
As a member Design Bristol will enable you to:

  • share your ideas for the city
  • form a community group with other members
    who share your particular interest
  • upload photos of good design in the city
  • blog about interesting ideas you’ve seen elsewhere and
  • find out about or promote design related events

The website also provides links to a range of resources that can help people start thinking about the design of their neighbourhood.

Over 1,000 people have visited the site so far and this is growing each month – we hope that you will find Design Bristol to be a useful resource and encourage you to “join the conversation”.

Design Bristol Postcard - Join The Conversation-_676

If you would like some promotional postcards of the attached image,
please contact: citydesigngroup@bristol.gov.uk

Thank you for your interest.
The Design Bristol Team

Future Dates for Quarterly Meetings with Planning Officers

The following dates have been confirmed for 2012. We have agreed that meetings are now scheduled every 3 months instead of every 2.
However, if anything comes up that the Network groups would like to discuss urgently, additional meetings can be set up.

  • Thursday 19 January 5.30 – 7.00 pm
  • Thursday 19 April 5.30 – 7.00 pm
  • Thursday 19 July 5.30 – 7.-00 pm
  • Tuesday 23 October 5.30 – 7.00 pm

At the first meeting in January 2012, we propose to look at the different ways in which communities can get involved in thinking about development in their area under current and emerging legislation eg

  • Neighbourhood Development Plans
  • Character Appraisals
  • Site Briefs
  • Concept Statements

This will also include feedback about the three ‘front runner’ schemes under the Localism Bill,Lockleaze, Bedminster and Redcliffe.

Meeting notes – 22 November 2011

are now posted on the website at Notes

Planning Online – BCC online planning application system

Thank you to those of you who have responded to this request.
I have had responses from 6 people. If anyone else has now had a chance to look at the system and has any comments, I will be meeting the Planning Officer on 6 December to feed back, so please let me know what you think / any issues that you have.

We have been asked for feedback on the system-
could you please let me know how your group is getting on with the new system
by answering the following questions?

  • are all the NPN groups signed up and getting email alerts?

  • what do people think about the publishing of comments 
    (ie either individual comments and/or groups comments) 
    online, note names and addresses are now published online
    though not email addresses, any comments on this?

  • how is the scanning going, eg time to publish and indexing? 
    Feedback on particular cases please.
  • any thoughts on what could be improved?


Community Infrastructure Levy consultation- received from BCC

Bristol City Council is moving forward with the introduction of a
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for Bristol. At the same time we are amending our Planning Obligations SPD in order that both CIL and our revised Planning Obligations policies are implemented simultaneously.

We wish to invite comments on the following documents:

  • A CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
  • A Revision to SPD4 (Planning Obligations)

Consultation on these documents starts on Monday 28 November 2011 and
both documents are available on our website at the following links:



Paper copies of the documents will be available to view at Bristol Central Library and the Council House, College Green.

Copies of the consultation documents can also be provided
by contacting the Strategic Planning Team on (0117) 903 6724.

Comments on either document can be submitted until 20 January 2012, and may be made by email to bdf@bristol.gov.uk or by post to:

Jim Cliffe
Planning Obligations Manager
Strategic Planning Team
Bristol City Council
Brunel House
St. Georges Road
BS1 5UY 

For further information please contact the
Strategic Planning Team on (0117) 903 6724
or email jim.cliffe@bristol.gov.uk

Jim Cliffe
Planning Obligations Manager
(0117) 903 6724

BCS Planning Applications Group (PAG) Agenda

Please find below list on Agenda for Bristol Civic Society’s forthcoming PAG meeting.

If you have any points you wish to raise on any of the applications
please send an email asap to
Gordon Tucker gordonjtucker@googlemail.com and
John Payne johnpayne997@btinternet.com 

11/01851/F &11/01852/LC
 171-178 Coronation Road, (Riverside House) BS3

 Unit 5 70-78 Queen’s Road

 90-98 Broadmead, BS1

 5, St. Augustine’s Parade, BS1

 & 11/04298/A*

 25 Union Gallery, Broadmead

 2 New Broadmead, 39 Union St.

 Tescos, Lime Trees Rd. BS6

 62 Coronation Road, BS3

 148 Coronation Road, BS3

 16 Redcross St. & 32 Old Market St

11/04745/A The Black Castle, Arnos Court,

11/04238/F 11/04239/LA, 11/04241/A
 89 Park Street, BS1

Bristol Civic Society Events

See Bristol Civic Society website for details of their forthcoming events
which are open to non members.