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new applications invited between 4 October and 1 November 2013
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Know your place

Participation in Heritage event
Thursday 24 October 2013
The Pavilion, Harbourside

An invitation from Peter Insole, Archaeological Officer,
City Design Group (Urban Design and Conservation)


Dear all,

I am contacting you to let you know about this event that we are holding at the Pavilion, Harbourside next month.

This event will launch our ‘Heritage Eye smartphone buildings at risk’ app and provide opportunities to participate in some of our other heritage initiatives.

This all day event will feature a morning of practical workshops and an afternoon of panel discussions.

Attendees have a choice of taking part in two out of the three workshops available in the morning.

Choose from either:

Our Place – a practical tutorial on our community character mapping toolkit that has been developed in partnership with Richard Guise (Context 4D and chair of the Urban Design Forum). This session will demonstrate how easy it is for community groups to record the character of their area and how this can form the basis of neighbourhood planning, conservation area appraisal or a robust evidence base for responding to development proposals.

Heritage Eye – our new smartphone app that enables members of the public undertake their own historic building survey and contribute to the maintenance of the list of Heritage at Risk. Participants will also gain an understanding of how this survey information will be used to better care for the city’s significant heritage assets.

The Local List – this session will demonstrate how you can nominate buildings for the Local List, how the process of assessment of these nominations works and how the Local List initiative is aiming to better care for locally important heritage.

The panel discussion in the afternoon will be chaired by Richard Guise and will feature case studies from recent Our Place projects. The discussion panel will consist of members of the public who have been involved with these projects who will be able to give their own views on the approach.

The event is primarily aimed at members of community groups who have an interest in participating in heritage related projects such as conservation character appraisals, so please feel free to circulate this information to other members of your group or other people you think may be interested.

Please respond to Peter Insole, if you wish to know more or book a place.

Reminder: Next NPN quarterly meeting

17 October 2013

Your opportunity to meet up with other groups and discuss issues with planning officers
and Cllr Mark Bradshaw, Cabinet Member for
Transport, Planning, Strategic Housing and Regeneration

5.30 – 7.00pm 
at City Hall.


  • Planning update – brief outline of changes / new guidance / legislation
  • Next Neighbourhood Development Plan launch and community planning fund outline
  • Discussion of future topics for NPN quarterly meetings, Neighbourhood Planning training andupdate from groups

Bristol Central Area Plan

Reminder that the consultation ends on 18 October 2013
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