Annual Meeting

The annual NPN meeting is on June 7th at 10 am at the Unitarian Chapel, Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE.

This is a good opportunity to get together with other groups to discuss and share experience.

We will be looking at the pre application community involvement process and discussing how it is working, and what lessons we can learn from each other.

Groups who have recently joined the network, or have not been involved in previous sessions about the Pre App CI process, are particularly encouraged to attend, in order to get the most out of their meetings with developers by learning from others. 

We have been monitoring applications for their Community Involvement Statements and have been writing a short summary for inclusion in the case officers’ reports. Are you aware of this and do you agree with the content and format?

We would also like to discuss how the NPN goes forward particularly in the light of the changes which have been brought about by the changes in legislation and guidance under the coalition government.

A number of groups are now doing their own plans, but the developers are still bringing forward their designs and it is important that the opportunity to shape those applications through the pre app CI process is not missed.

How can we find the capacity to do all this work?

In order to get the catering right, please can you respond on receipt of this message to say whether you will be at the meeting?

If you cannot attend, please can you forward this email to the rest of your group so that someone from each group is present? Note that not everyone is on the mailing list and you may be the only person in your group who receives these emails.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss, please let me know.