19 July 2011 bi monthly meeting with Planning Officers

The notes and presentations from the bi monthly meeting in July are
on the NPN Bi Monthly Meeting Notes Page

Use Class Order Review

VERY IMPORTANT: Please can I have a response to this section

The item at the bi monthly meeting on Planning for Supermarkets covered the current consultation on Change of Use, where the government is proposing to remove the requirement to apply for change of use of a building.

(The government published an issues paper on 25 June 2011,
comments by 1 September 2011

NPN administrators are concerned that this will mean that the community will not be able to have any say on proposals to change the use of eg a shop into
a restaurant / supermarket / residence where the use will have an impact on local residents.

For instance, in Bristol, BS3, a furniture shop has changed its use to a supermarket, and now has many deliveries using refrigerated lorries each day, and produces large quantities of food and packaging waste. This is having a detrimental effect on the local area.

There was no application because it was a permitted change of use
(A1 covers all Shops except Hot Food Takeaways – for more information
see Use Classes and Change of Use page)

We are therefore asking NPN members to have a look at the draft response 
which is being submitted by the Healthy City group, through Bristol City Council.
click here for more information

NPN administrators think that we should support the proposed response,
which asks for

  • the Use Classes to be retained and
  • extended to include a separate Use Class for larger convenience stores
    ie supermarkets

We feel that the proposal to remove the requirement for a planning application for change of use will reduce the opportunity for the community to have a say in how its neighbourhood should be developed and will therefore be in direct contradiction to the aim of Localism
and will increase the feeling of disempowerment.

Please respond to alison@bristolnpn.net about this as soon as possible 
(and by 1 September) saying whether you agree that the NPN should support this paper.

You can also respond direct to the Consultation through this link.

If you wish to use any part of the Healthy City Response please do so.

BCS August speaker event

Wednesday 24 August

Admission is £4 for non-members and free for Bristol Civic Society members
(although a voluntary contribution of £2 is suggested).

Our guest speaker will be Henry Shaftoe, Senior Lecturer in the Dept of Architecture
and Planning, University of the West of England and author of
Convivial Public Spaces” published by Earthscan.

The theme of the evenings discussion will be ”Bristol – Illegible City‘.
This event will present extensive visual evidence of this failure to make Bristol more legible, will discuss what this implies for urban renewal policy and will suggest possibilities for improving the situation.

The event will take place at
Redland Park United Reformed Church,
9 Redland Park, BS6 6SA

BCS Planning Applications Group August list

Bristol Civic Society Planning Applications Group is currently considering
the following applications.

If the application is in your area and you wish them to take your response
into consideration please can you contact
Gordon Tucker  gordonjtucker@googlemail.com
and John Payne johnpayne997@btinternet.com


11 02543 F St Werburgh’s City Farm

Watercress Rd


replace buildings + extend SWCF
11 02579 A 387 Gloucester Rd     


advert on side wall Grafix
11 02656 A

11 02657 LA

24a Park Row opaque film window fascia Rock + Roller

Tattoo Studio

11 02356 F


1-18 Shorland House,

Beaufort Rd    

replace windows + doors with uPVC SH Man Comm
11 02834 F 213 Gloucester Road     


c/u from shop/office to coffee shop Lesley Bee
11 02887 F Unit 1c, Brislington

Retail Park


installation of 652 m2mezzanine floor; ext alts no info
11 02913 F


Sainsbury, Castle Court


convert, extend Sainsbury
11 02897 FB


TA Centre, Dorian Rd


shift Horfield Common play area BCC Neighbourhoods
11 02845 A


Finzel’s Reach, Counterslip


Five totem-style signs Finzel Sq Ltd
11 02964 RA


Network Rail depot, Queen Ann Rd


replace numerous temporary storage buildings with one modular building NR
11 02847 FB Redland Green School


install 50 kW solar PV array covering 343 m2 King
11 02826 F 68 Upper Perry Hill


demolish + reconstruct Eagles
11 03025 F land rear of former

bingo hall, North St


four townhouses Urbis
11 02105 RL Bristol Bridge House, 138-141 Redcliffe St      BS1 6QP extend time limit for redevelopment

(08 02641 LC)


Local Development Framework: Site Allocations

The programme for consultation on the Site Allocations section of the
Site Allocations and Development Management Principles Development Plan Document
has been put back to January 2012.

This is mainly because of the lack of decision on the status of land available for development through disposal of green space under the Area Green Space Plans programme.

Cross party talks are continuing to try to agree a way forward but until these have an outcome, it is not possible to carry forward the Site Allocations Programme.