Re-claiming and Re-making Redcliffe Way

An opportunity to find out more about the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Redcliffe Way and to hear a panel discussion of ways to improve this area.
Power, Heart & Imagination: new model regeneration Bristol fashion 

A FREE event at the Arnolfini Gallery on
22 January 2013,
6.30 – 8.00 pm,
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Neighbourhood Development Plan areas will keep a quarter of CIL income

Neighbourhoods without a neighbourhood plan but where the CIL is still charged will receive a 15 per cent share of the revenue from development in their area, but this will be capped at £100 per council tax dwelling.

Speaking at a DCLG briefing on 10 January, planning minister Nick Boles said that areas with adopted neighbourhood plans would not be subject to a cap on the potential value of the 25 per cent CIL share they would receive.

“Then there will be 25 per cent uncapped if they have actually gone to the trouble of doing a neighbourhood plan. And that could be quite serious sums of money.”
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