Bi Monthly Meeting

PLEASE NOTE The scheduled bi monthly meeting for May is cancelled

No suggestions for agenda items were received and responses from members to my enquiry about the lower attendance rate at the last meeting said that there were too many meetings going on at present.

FYI the LDF programme shows a number of meetings are anticipated for ‘summer 2011’.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19 July 2011 at 5.30 pm Brunel House reception area.
Please let me have any suggestions for agenda items.

We could aim to finish these meetings at 7.00pm in the future,
as a number of people often leave before 7.30pm


Street Banners

Thank you for all the responses about the planning applications about street banners.
I have passed them on to Stephen Wickham who is putting together the response from the Bristol Civic Society.

It is still important that the affected groups submit comments on the applications in their area.

The response date is 25 May.

Please send your response to the relevant planning officer or to Peter.Westbury@bristol.gov.uk

Pre apps for majors and Type 2s

NPN administrators monitor the pre application enquiry list that is supplied by Bristol City Council (BCC).

In some cases, there are pre application enquiries on developments that are below the major size of 10 residential units or 1,000 sq m of commercial space but are either big enough to be considered as a ‘major’ development because the combined residential and commercial development of sufficient size to warrant pre application community involvement, or the development is ‘locally significant’ and therefore should be taken to pre app CI as a ‘Type 2’ (under the SCI definition).

In these cases NPN admin will contact the group and ask whether the group is interested in discussing the development at pre application stage and will then, if the group confirms it is interested, ask the planning officer to request pre app CI and remind the developer of pre app CI process.

The guidelines for how a developer should engage with the community have been revised and are now on BCC website at

It is well worth reminding yourself of these guidelines, so that you can get the developer to carry out better community involvement.

Bristol Civic Society AGM / A talk by Tony Burton of Civic Voice

Tuesday 24 May 
United Reformed Church,
9 Redland Park, BS6 6SA
(Entrance in Redland Park just off Whiteladies Road)

Tony Burton, Director of Civic Voice will tell us about his work – lobbying, campaigning, speaking out in the media, building partnerships and promoting civic pride.

Over wine and cheese, we will then have a discussion about the UK’s first Civic Day
on Saturday 25 June 2011.

Bristol Civic Society Members free
Non-members £2