Next NPN quarterly meeting

17 October 2013
5.30 – 7.00 pm
City Hall

Suggested agenda items as follows:

  • Update on recent planning changes
  • Neighbourhood Development Plans – update, training events and invitation for new NDFs
  • Group update and future items for quarterly meeting discussion

Bristol Central Area Plan

Consultation has opened.
The closing date for responses is 18 October 2013.

New government planning guidance website:
The DCLG has set up a new Planning Practice Guidance website.

Article 4 directions:

BCC has updated its website to show all the Article 4 directions currently in force here

Neighbourhood Planning resources

  • What’s in it for me: a roadmap for businesses and neighbourhood planning
    See guidance drawn up to help NDF encourage the engagement of local businesses in drawing up the plans
  • How to design places that work for people
  • Why consensus is a must 
  • How to make plans that pass exams Design Council / CABE podcasts