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Last revised February 25, 2014


Sus Dev & Transport Scrutiny Comm model CI method referral to cabinet 18 March 2010.doc-1

Bristol City Council doc. on Community Involvement method.
32 KB  August 23, 2012

SCI Adopted 2008.pdf-1

Statement of Community Involvement. Bristol City Council policy
1.47 MB  August 23, 2012


sets out financial levels of s106 Developer contibutions
331 KB  August 23, 2012

NPN Template for creating a Neighbourhood Area Planversion1.1.pdf-1

Neighbourhood Area Plan Template
993 KB  August 23, 2012

Knowle West RPG roadshow May 2010.pdf-1

Objectives for the Future of Knowle West?
2.4 MB  August 23, 2012

Local Devt framewk guide to PPS 12.pdf-1

A companion guide to PPS 12
912 KB  August 23, 2012

Marketing guidelines for change of use.pdf-1

BCC document for applicants applying to change use of eg shop to residence
36 KB  August 23, 2012

No pain Guide to Gain.pdf-1

Guide to s106 developer obligations
2.53 MB  August 23, 2012

planning for places.pdf-1

Delivering good design through core strategies
1.48 MB  August 23, 2012

Planning briefs.pdf-1

Department of Communities and Local Government guide
189 KB  August 23, 2012

BCC Guide to getting involved in planning decisions.pdf-1

Bristol City Council guidance on planning - a v. useful guide
414 KB  August 23, 2012

design at appeal.pdf-1

Advice on dealing with design issues within planning appeals
342 KB  August 23, 2012

dpd procedure guide.pdf-1

Planning Inspectorate guidance on examination in public of development plan documents
629 KB  August 23, 2012

Involvement Guides 2 Pre-appCI.pdf-1

NPN guide 2: How to run effective pre application community involvement discussions with a developer
443 KB  August 23, 2012