Up Front: neighbourhood planning news, May 2015


Resources for neighbourhood planning: putting the pieces togetherPlanning Aid England has produced a suite of resources to assist those developing a neighbourhood plan.The resources provide practical tips and advice on various stages of the neighbourhood plan process from designating the neighbourhood area to submitting the plan for examination. They are designed for community groups to use.

They include a series of how to guides, templates and videos. Topics include

  • Project planning
  • Resourcing your neighbourhood plan
  • Making effective decisions
  • Sharing the workload
  • Engaging and working with your local planning authority
  • Designating your neighbourhood area
  • Setting up a neighbourhood forum
  • Working with landowners and developers
  • Developing a vision and objectives
  • Gathering and using evidence
  • Design and character assessments
  • Writing planning policies
  • Structuring your neighbourhood plan
  • Preparing your consultation statement
  • Preparing your basic conditions statement
  • Submitting your plan for examination

For more information visit the Forum for Neighbourhood Planning.