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Last revised November 1, 2018

Student residential accommodation is a ‘Sui Generis’ use. It is not classed as C3 residential accommodation.

New student residential accommodation developments do not have to provide any affordable housing.

New student residential accommodation development is charged CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) at a higher rate than C3 residential accommodation. see BCC Charging Schedule 

A report on the impact of student accommodation in existing residential areas has been produced by an association of resident’s planning groups Action for Balanced Communities. The report is attached at the bottom of the page.

Policies guiding location of Student residential accommodation are included in the Core Strategy, and the Central Area Plan see link

  • Policy BCS 2 Bristol City Centre
  • Policy DM2: Residential Sub-divisions, Shared and Specialist Housing .
  • Policy BCAP4: Specialist student housing in Bristol City Centre

For more information about Houses in Multiple Occupancy see NPN HMO page in A-Z of topics


Action for Balanced Communities

report August 2015
5.79 MB  January 7, 2016